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If you are willing to brave the slow and potentially unreliable mail service in Nepal to send me something here is how to do it. But remember that emails are pretty sweet too :)

1. Letters via the Diplomatic Pouch: this is probably the most reliable option, but all letters must weigh less than two pounds. DO NOT use any mention of the U.S. Embassy, Fulbright program, or anything else official sounding. Just use regular U.S. postage and be aware that letters via the pouch can take a month or more to arrive.

Rachel Elzinga
6190 Kathmandu Place
Dulles, VA 20189-6190

2. Letters via International Mail & DHL/FedEx: International mail is unreliable, but you can get fun stamps on letters. DHL and FedEx can be used for letters/documents but are expensive. Do not send cash or checks. If the sender will not accept P.O. Boxes it will still get here, but MAKE SURE you include the phone number. (Sometimes you can squeeze the phone number into the zip code space, but also do something to indicate that it's a phone number.)

Rachel Elzinga c/o USEF - Nepal
G.P.O. Box 380
Kathmandu, Nepal
TEL: 4444780

3. Packages: I don't know what you are thinking trying to send a package to a country where the mail is already slow and the clearance process for packages is more than eleven steps. It's not going to make it. But if you are determined to try you may send it to the same address as #2.

All of your kind thoughts, letters, emails, cards, and prayers are very appreciated!

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