Saturday, July 5, 2014

P.S. -- I'm home

I have been putting off this post for weeks now.

I really did intend to share pictures of my time in southern India...

and a brief stop in Singapore...

and a lovely week in the Philippines...

but then it didn't happen.

I let myself be overwhelmed by time changes, international flights, reunions with family and pets, packing/unpacking, and trying to establish myself back in the United States. I gave myself permission to reflect at whatever pace felt most comfortable.

I didn't want to write until I felt like I could say something that would appropriately represent this experience.

And because there aren't any words to fully capture or express my time in Nepal, it's July and people think that I'm still trapped on a camel in Rajasthan. So I'd like to apologize for misrepresenting my return to the United States, I made it back safely... about ten weeks ago. While I don't know how to write in a way that I feel satisfactorily represents the last year, I am getting better about doing it in person. If you are interested in hearing more let me know. I'd love to go out to coffee or even make another attempt at crafting momos in an American kitchen.

Grace and peace,